Post-Employment Services

CareerPOV’s core principle offerings stem from providing employees and employers greater insight into the local workforce market. It’s our business to know and have quantifiable data that provides concrete insight in the local job market with proper courses of actions.

CareerPOV now provides companies a resource to ease the transition of some of its employees with post-employment services.

What this represents:

Companies can now, in addition to providing longtime employees with severance, will also be able to arrange for CareerPOV’s post-employment services to assist a post-employee with their career re-positioning. Along with helping these employees, our services will reduce the burden of unemployment insurance costs.

On average, our services reduce a post-employees’ time to re-position by ¼ , and typically we’re able to help candidates obtain between 3 and 5 second and third level interviews within the first 2 months of the service.

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