Career Forecaster

Occasionally, clients are not really sure where to begin to look for a new job or career. They need guidance on either how to get to their end goal or even help on determining what their end goal should be.

CareerPOV is able use its data driven process to scan the marketplace and find promising opportunities in the candidate’s market or market of interest, while encompassing their area of potential career interests, thus providing the candidate with suitable options or alternatives on a potential career path.


Additionally, CareerPOV provides a personality and life skills assessment in order to focus on potential viable careers. CareerPOV then uses that profile and compares it with local opportunities to develop prospective career options.

The completed assessment is then provided to the client in an easy to interpret report that lists the best career opportunities, potential salaries and a series of recommendations, along with a timeline to realize the end goal. If additional guidance is needed, CareerPOV can connect the client with our life coach to gain greater insight into the clients’ needs and assist in taking those first and ongoing steps for success.

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